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My Story

Help Kira Fight Brain Cancer

Kira is a 16yo girl and despite learning of her condition (innoperable brain tumor) only a few days ago... very optimistic and happy. 

She was only a few weeks away from her drivers test and super excited because she worked all summer to save enough money to buy her own car. Unfortunately she can't see well enough to do so. 

In a very short 5-week period she went from normal and healthly teenager to a kid fighting a serious brain tumor. 

It started as double vision which we thought was her eyesight since she had astigmatism
figured she needed to update her prescription.

It then escalated from there to occasional headaches, then some mild dizzyness. Eventually she had such bad headaches that we started taking her to the doctor. 

First to urgent care, then to the ER, Then to her physician and finally to the ER again. In her final visit to the ER they suspected meningitis. The tests were negative and fortunately the Doctor ordered an MRI. 

The MRI revealed a tumor attached to her brain stem. This prompted an immediate transfer to Rady Childrens Hospital where further evaluation and additional scans revealed it to be cancerous. 

Any funds raised will be used to cover medical bills and ultimately the clinical trials and experimental treatments that will be needed to fight this. 

At this point her current treatment will be a combination of targeted radiation therapy to shrink the tumor followed by a series of experimental therapies.

You can keep up with her latest progress on her Facebook page.

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